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This is our largest house and run combination.

  • Suitable for up to 18 hens (minimum welfare standards and with extensions added)
  • Measuring 9ft long x 6ft wide x 6ft tall 279 cm long 180 cm wide 180 cm tall approx.
  • As standard it comes with 4 internal nest boxes and optional exterior nest boxes are available (these will replace the internal ones)
  • The House area measures 6ft x 3ft 180 cm x 90 cm,
  • There is a central pop-hole, double rear doors and lift out perches.
  • There is also a large door at the end of the run for easy access and cleaning.
  • Various options and roof types available.

The Buckingham 6 to 12 hens Walk In Design

PriceFrom £1,399.00
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