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Hen Keeping Tips

To make sure you look after your chickens in the best way possible, we wanted to list some tips that will help you do so. These mainly apply to first time owners.



1. The average adult hen needs 100-120g of feed per day.

2. Fresh food should be provided daily to reduce the chances of it getting stale or damp.

3. If hens are fed outside, use a sturdy feeder to prevent it being knocked over and clear up any spillage to avoid attracting vermin.

4. Make sure your chickens have fresh water and fill the drinker up regularly.

5. Although you can feed your chickens kitchen scraps, do not feed them meat or eggs. Feeding chickens bread can cause blockage in their throat.


1. Stick to the same feed times and avoid sudden changes to their environment.

2. Hens like staying out until late dusk so make sure you’re there to shut them in.

General Health

1. Hens should be active and alert, not huddled with fluffed up feathers or eyes closed.

2. Droppings should be firm and dark brown with a white urate cap.


Although this is the basic tips, if you have any questions, upload them to our forum page and we'll answer them in the best way as possible.

Need any of the essentials to start off? Check out our

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