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Rhode Rock

Rhode Rocks (also can be called black rock) have black plumage with gold markings on the neck and chest. The iridescent black feathers have a sun catching green sheen.


Rhode Rocks are very confident curious birds who thrive in small or large flocks, they love exploring and make full use of all the space they have available.

They like the freedom to roam and can become quite vocal when contained to a small run.

They get on well with other breeds of chicken and are a great breed for children as they are quiet tolerant to being handled.

Rhode Rocks are very docile and friendly, they will become more so with hand fed treats.  

They are very calm hens who will reward you with lots of lovely eggs. They are very hardy and will want to be outside in all weather.
Rhode Rock hybrids are prolific layers and will lay approximately 290-320 beautiful brown eggs per year.

They are one of the most curious breeds who always needs to know what's going on inside a hedge, under a box or behind a closed door!

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