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The Perfect Chicken Coop WiFi Camera

Our Nestera WiFi camera allows you to watch your flock any time, from anywhere! Miss them while you’re at work or need to leave them for a few days? No problem! You can quickly check your feathered friends are safe and happy directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer via a secure app.

Share Your Live Stream Securely

Easily share your live feed securely with family and friends, or simply give access to a neighbour who can keep a close eye on your birds while you’re away without them having to leave their house. Granting access to your live stream is also a great way to share sweet moments with loved ones and online communities of newly hatched chicks growing day after day.

Day or Night? Not a Problem with Night Vision

Watch over your flock 24/7 with the Night Vision feature. Our Nestera camera includes a built-in light sensor to gradually supplement loss of light with its Night Vision infrared light to produce sharp black and white video in complete darkness for 24-hour viewing. Now you can discover what your chickens get up to all night!

Listen to Your Flock

Hear your chickens as clearly as you can see them with the camera’s sensitive built-in microphone.

Don’t Miss a Thing with The Wide-Angle Lens

The Nestera WiFi Camera offers an impressive 110° viewing angle using a 4mm lens to get amazing coverage of your birds whilst maintaining high definition with no distortion.

Easy to Install and Set Up - No Network Cable Required

The camera’s built-in WiFi capabilities allow you to simply connect to your 2.4 GHz WiFi network without running a network cable back to your house. Just connect the power supply and let the magic happen.

Onboard Recording

Easily record footage straight to a Micro SD Card (up to 128GB) in the camera when you’re not watching the live feed. Simply set it to record everything to replay, edit or share later. 

Motion Sensor Keeps Your Flock Safe from Unwelcome Visitors 

Begin recording automatically when motion is detected and discover when your chickens wake up for the day or be alerted to any uninvited guests in your garden. 

See Everything - Install Inside or Outside the Coop

Optional rear and bottom mounting brackets hold the CG6 camera firmly in the perfect position inside or outside the coop and allow easy transfer to other Nestera coops if required. Camera includes secure adjustable mounting, fixings and charging cable.

WiFi Camera for Chicken Coop

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