Perfect Starter Chicken Coop 4 Bantams or Silkies or 3 Larger Hens like Isa Browns.

Your Recycled Plastic Chicken Coop has 447 x 834mm or 0.37 square metres of internal floor space which is ideal for housing for up to 4 birds. The dimensions of the Mini Hen Coop are: 950mm wide (1 nest box) or 1220mm wide(2 nest boxes) x 1020mm length. Weight 24.2kg.

Additional features include internal perch and external nesting box which allows easy access to eggs and access for cleaning. There is an easy access lid for cleaning internally the Solway mini hen coop has a revolutionary air venting system which will keep a constant air flow in all weathers keeping animals comfortable at all times .

Recycled Plastic has the added benefit of being easy to clean and gives you a much lessened risk of the dreaded red mite.

Solway Plastic Mini Hen Coop