Medium Sized Loft Coop 4-5 larger hens 5-6 smaller Silkie type.

Fitted with 2 perches and nest boxes as standard the maxi hen coop gives larger floor space for up to 4 large laying hens or 6 bantams.

The easy clean recycled plastic helps keep your coop clean and prevents the build up of red mite. While we cannot guarantee red mite will not find a home on your hen house the plastic does not allow red mites to penetrate unlike wood. The roof is fully detachable and the internal coop suitable for power washing.

The non porous nature of recycled plastic makes your coop a breeze to clean and towel dries in a matter of seconds.

The adjustable legs lets you set the high of your coop to suit your birds and your back.

External nesting boxes give easy access to the eggs without the need to enter the coop.

Internal Floor Space 1045mm x 536mm or 0.56 square metres. Gives more than enough space for up to 4 large hens or 6 bantams in our medium sized chicken loft. The dimensions of the Maxi Hen Loft are 1320mm wide (with 2 nest boxes attached) x 1220mm long. Weight 34kg.

Solway Plastic Maxi Hen Loft