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Our Duck / Goose House Large is made from recycled plastic and is suitable for two large geese, such as American Buffs, or it can take up to eight small ducks, such as call ducks..

The door is designed so that it won't trap dirt in the door slots, and it can be easily opened and closed. Access to inspect the birds can be gained via a full width back door which detaches using quick release pins. When the door is removed, there is no 'lip' on the floor edge. This, and the fact that the back door and roof can be removed in seconds as well, makes regular cleaning a breeze.

Four circular vents, three of which are fully adjustable, provide plenty of ventilation. Even though the sides are made from black plastic, the house remains surprisingly cool, even in strong, direct summer sunlight.

Being plastic, the houses require no maintenance. There are few crevices for pests to hide in, and the house can be thoroughly cleaned very easily - in seconds if you have a pressure washer. And it will dry out very quickly, too.

Carry handles are cut into the roof, so it is easy to move. But, even if you need to dismantle your duck house for any reason, perhaps because you are moving house for example, you can easily do so and then rebuild it just as easily. Your duck house will not be damaged by this process.

Duck / Goose House Large

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